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Working on Fight Scores 2

I released Fight Scores in April 2015. Over the period that it's been available it's sold at somewhere between $1.99 and $3.99 in the United States. Total sales are closing in on 100 units worldwide, admittedly modest but I'm fairly pleased with how the app turned out and how it's been received by those who have bought it.

When creating Fight Scores I had one eye on the future, my plan was to release an iPad version within 3 months of launching the iPhone app. Due to this I built in syncing capabilities using Core Data and iCloud. Unfortunately for me (and many other iOS app developers) iCloud is notoriously fickle.

For the last year I've battled with trying to improve Fight Scores' syncing so that I may work on, and release the iPad companion. A couple of months ago, however, I finally admitted that it was time to move on to another solution.

I'm happy to say that I believe I've found that solution and work on Fight Scores 2 is underway. Due to my changing the backend structure, it doesn't look as though l'm going to be able to migrate user's existing Fight Scores databases to the new version. I understand the inconvienience that this will cause users and I'm deeply sorry. I hope that by crafting an app even better than it's predecessor it will go some way towards cushioning the blow. I will be looking in to other ways to ease the transition for exisiting users.

The original Fight Scores will continue to be available in the app store for the forseeable future until Fight Scores 2 can be completed and released. If you're interested in being a beta user please contact me on twitter at @fightscoresapp.

Fight Scores 2 on the iPad

FightScores 2 running on the iPad.