Gareth ap Dafydd

Gareth ap Dafydd

Design lead at ClickHouse.
Independent iOS app developer

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Hi there,

I’m Gareth, a passionate designer / developer for the web and iOS. I have over 15 years of professional experience in architecting, designing, and building digital products. I find beauty in simplicity, aiming for elegance and sophistication in every project that I'm involved with.

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More recently, I’ve assumed the role of a hands-on leader, coordinating projects, providing long-term vision while helping build and nuture talented design teams.

While no longer my full-time profession, I still love developing. My iOS app, Fight Scores, has amassed a loyal group of users and an average app store rating of over 4.5.

I love to write Swift, Ruby on Rails, and React. When I get time I enjoy dabbling with Elixir and Phoenix.

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Originally hailing from South Wales, I’m currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, after enjoying spells working in Canada, India, Italy, and France.

I love to get outdoors, running and hiking in the mountains. When not spending time with my beautiful wife, daughter, and son, I can be found indulging my passions for wine and boxing.

Hwyl fawr,