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Running rails 7 apps

Over the years I've spun up countless rails apps, most of which don't amount to much. I usually just go with whatever the latest Rails version is. Recently though, I was looking to try out the new Rails 7 alpha release and see how I felt about using it with esbuild. Most articles out there show how to upgrade an existing Rails app to using a alpha release. I wanted this to be a fresh project.

After a little bit of digging I found exactly what I needed.

gem install rails -v '7.0.0.alpha2' -V --no-document

This installs the rails alpha, to double check that it installed correctly, you can run:

gem list rails --local

You should see the new version returned in the results. Once I'd verifed that it was correctly installed, I ran the rails new command making sure to include the specific Rails version.

rails _7.0.0.alpha2_ new MYAPP

There you go, Rails 7 is now ready to go. If you're looking to use Rails 7 in conjuction with webpack or esbuild, I recommend reading through this article, which does a really thorough job of explaining how to do that.