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My iOS Screens and favourite iPhone apps

Just a quick post to share the current app setup on my iPhone 5S, I often see others share theirs and always find it interesting so I thought I would do the same.

Before I get into the apps - I like to keep my background wallpaper light and simple, I’ve found the photographic backgrounds always seem a little too cluttered for my liking.

First Screen

Gareths iPhone Homescreen

Springboard page 1

Here is where I keep the most used apps that I own, again I like to leave the bottom line clear because the screen gets a little overwhelming if there is no space. Fantastical 2 is my go-to calendar app, the recent upgrade making it even better than before. No surprises with my Twitter client of choice, for me, Tweetbot reigns supreme in this category and Felix is a great app for keeping up to date with my friends over on App.Net.

The second row is dedicated to reading and writing, Evernote saves my thoughts while Pocket saves the articles I would like to read later. Reeder 2 keeps me up to date with my RSS feeds while Zite suggests new articles and topics that I might be interested in. I don’t listen to too much music, preferring podcasts (hence Instacast replacing the built in music app in the bottom bar), but when I am in the mood it’s through Rdio. 1Password is a must for me and makes the experience of everyday browsing on a desktop so much easier.

Second Screen

Gareths iPhone Second page

Springboard page 2

The first line of the second page is dedicated to my health apps, Fitbit to track and sync my steps each day, iSmoothRun when I’m going out for a long run as I prefer it's GPS and auto start/stop over the official Runkeeper app, which I still use for logging if I’m on a treadmill. The Withings app just allows me to keep an eye of my weight.

The second row is reserved for the only other social media apps I use of a regular basis, and also HipChat, as I use that for communication with co-workers. The third is my banking section, for checking balances, making transfers and deposits etc.

One of my favourite new discoveries kicks off the forth row, FotMob is a must have for any fan of football, I love being able to quickly check the results in all the leagues across the world with such ease. Radium is the best app for allowing me to listen to my British radio stations on both my phone and my mac, while I now use the Dropbox app a lot since migrating all of my photos out of iPhoto.

Third Screen

Gareths iPhone Third page

Springboard page 3

The third and final screen contains a mixture of the apps I use semi-regularly along with the folders full of my other apps. I won’t go into too much detail here as it’s ever changing.