Gareth Dafydd Jones

A n enthusiastic, passionate UX designer / developer for the web and iOS; I have close to a decade of professional experience in architecting, designing and building digital products. I find beauty in simplicity, aiming for elegance and sophistication in every project that I'm involved with.

Through hands on experience, I have become accustomed to developing in a number of different environments, including the Ruby-based Rails & Sinatra, Yeoman, Grunt & Angular.js, Wordpress, as well as plain old static websites. Most recently I've developed an iOS app using Apple's new programming language, Swift.

As long as I have been developing I have been designing. Initially I was designing for consumer-facing business websites. More recently I've been employed as a UX designer, providing solutions to complex problems within the architecture or interface of online products.

• • •

u ntil recently I lived in the great city of Chicago where I had spent most of the previous seven years of my life since moving to the states from my native Wales. In the summer of 2013, my wife and I moved down south to Charlotte, NC in pursuit of more outdoor adventures and milder winters.

In my free time I like to I taste a lot of wines, watch a lot of boxing, and generally try to enjoy life - while prizing myself away from the MacBook.

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